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Integris Aviation Consultancy provides sales & acquisition support, risk management, and operations consulting to those who rely heavily on business aviation. We make Family Offices, corporate flight departments, and chief pilots more effective by providing tools, knowledge, and insights that unlock the hidden potential of the aircraft they own and operate.

Serving the business aviation community for more than a decade.

For over 30 years, David Clark, has delivered value in the private aviation industry through several key roles working with international corporations and Family Offices. During that time, Dave has overseen over $100 million in private aircraft transactions. His highly relational approach and deep commitment to understanding the client´s deepest concerns ensure that the interests of his clients are always protected. David is a Certified Aviation Manager, Airline Transport Pilot, and is working toward becoming a Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP). Fluent in Portuguese and English, he divides his time between North and South America working with Family Offices and flight departments to bring the best solutions for those who rely most on business aviation.

Family Offices, aviation managers, or chief pilots capable of managing the complexity of a private aircraft, need transactional and consultative support to operate efficiently. At Integris, we bring the experience and insight to “fill the gaps” in knowledge or experience of these teams by supporting them in fulfilling their mission on the ground and in the air.
David is a very smart and professional salesman.I have great appreciation and admiration for the work he does and how much he has added value to the business.

Sales & Acquisitions

Integris has over a decade of experience helping clients sell aircraft or helping them to identify the best aircraft for their intended use, locate the best value on the market, quickly and efficiently acquire the aircraft, and begin flight operations faster than any other traditional aircraft broker.

Our ability to truly listen to our clients’ needs and then chart the best pathway for their individual situation distinguishes us in the aircraft brokerage space.

The Integris acquisition process is proven and is based on our extensive experience with organizations of various sizes around the world. Unlike some aircraft sales organizations, we truly can be "honest brokers." We don't carry inventory, and we don’t need to move specific aircraft - so our focus is ensuring you purchase the right asset based upon what is best for you.

Risk Management

Most organizations that have business aircraft already have a wealth of expertise in private aviation.

So the simple question is – Why hire us?

The answer is straightforward – managing business aircraft is an increasingly complex endeavor, requiring the broader application of more varied skills and the willingness to accept more responsibility than most operational teams possess. That’s why we say, “We know what you don’t about private aviation.” Strategic oversight of aviation assets has evolved into it’s own discipline and involves much more than the daily operation of the aircraft.

Asset-Light Operations

There are many family offices and flight departments that have needs that do not justify another whole aircraft. In those cases, we are specialists in finding the best asset-light solution for your individual situation – whether a fractional share, block time, ad hoc charter or jet card.

There are hundreds of options available today. Which one is best for you? Our methodology helps our clients find the perfect fit for their specific needs when a whole-aircraft is not needed. The Integris team has overseen thousands of private aviation trips and will put that experience to work for you in finding the best solution.


One of the keywords in private aviation today is optimization, and we specialize in helping Family Offices and small flight departments do just that. By employing a proprietary audit process to discover gaps in your flight operation’s financial, legal and contractual structures, we can quickly correct areas of risk and truly optimize your private aviation function – yielding multiple benefits for your principals and shareholders.

By bringing the best experts in private aviation to help you optimize your aviation program, you can rest assured that every gap will be filled and no detail will be missed. That is true peace of mind.

Dave represents the very best in aviation and his fundamental commitment to building long-term relationships makes him an invaluable partner.
At Integris, our distinct way of addressing aircraft acquisitions, sales, leasing, and other private aviation options combines a systematic approach with an idea meritocracy where the best ideas win. Our deep understanding of our client’s needs and desires, combined with our commitment to our clients, means that we are a firm without peer in this marketplace.
David is a superb member of the professional aviation community. His standards, customer orientation and people skills make him one of the best of the best, but what drives him is that he “cares.” You cannot ask for more.